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Not long ago, sociologists studied New York City parks to find out which ones were used the most and why.  The study clearly showed that some parks were used much more than others and the reason will surprise you.  It isn’t anything you’d expect, such as location, number of people nearby, or landscaping.  No, the parks that were used the most were those that had the most seating available.  You’ll enjoy the gardens and the flower beds that you worked so hard to plant if you have some place to sit down and enjoy them.  Here are some suggestions. 


Adirondack Chairs

    Adirondack furniture has been a longstanding tradition in the art of furniture making in America.  Known for its rustic beauty, sturdy construction and comfortable design, outdoor Adirondack furniture has changed very little over the last hundred years.  Wide arms are perfect for holding drinks and its characteristic sloped seat and relined back, the Adirondack chair is natural for outdoor relaxation.  This particular Adirondack Chair has a few features that make it even more comfortable.  The back is rounded and the seat is contoured to fit your body.  Construction is of select Pine or Cedar construction; chairs will provide many years of service and maintenance is minimal. The Pine chairs are finished with two coats of a high quality stain that the manufacturer recommends five years between stains.  These chars may be left out year round. 



    These settees can be used outdoor in the garden.  Their mortise and tenion construction make them durable for all seasons.  Can be constructed of Douglas Fir or knot free Cedar. 



    Can provide in Douglas Fir or 100%knot free cedar.  Glider rides on ball bearing


    Deluxe six foot bar bench mortise and tenon, peg construction.  Selection of Douglas Fir or Cedar. 

    Cross leg six foot bench.  Selection of Douglas fir or Yellow pine


Rocking Chair

    In design

Skateboard Chair

    This is a unique product.  This chair is ergonomically correct for body posture and support.  It took into consideration the best aspects of an Adirondack chair and the curvatures of a skateboard for lower back, lumbar, and seat support.  If you have specific boards you want to use, cost will be adjusted for fabrication of the base chair.  This unit can be purchased as a kit for 31 inch skate boards. 



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