Custom Woodworking Shop

Fabricators of fine furniture, repairs, and refinishing. Custom design and woodworking.


Hot Tub Surrounds

    These modular hot tub surrounds can be purchased in sections or as individual sections including a step, and three individual sections.  They can be made of Douglas Fir or knot free Cedar.  Standard unit is for six foot diameter hot tub, 25 in high.  Will custom make to fit must provide hot tub dimensions. 

Window Boxes

    Standard construction is shown.  We will design and fabricate to specific needs.  Brackets are extra.


Garden Statue Enclosure

    These are custom made enclosures.  Standard design is 41-in Hx16-in W x 12 in D and can be constructed in Cedar or Pine.  Will custom make enclosure to fit statue, must provide statue dimensions.


Day Care Furniture

    Cubbies fabricated of plywood, with dove tail interlocking joints.  48 in W x 50-7/8 in H, 12 in D.  Cubby is fabricated of plywood with solid backing, and aluminum dual prong hooks. 

    Movable Shelving units of plywood capable of folding in the middle with hasp set to secure.  48 in W x 36 in H x 12 in D.  Open length 96 in. 

Child’s Sink and Stove Unit

    Sink and stove unit are made of select pine.  Unit is 23-1/2 inch wide x 40 inch high and 11-1/4 in deep with removable sink.

Shelving Units

    Shelving units of two, three and five shelves that are stand alone or built in.  Materials are as requested and designed to suit. 

Oak Shelf wall Unit

    This wall mounted unit is 11-1/2 inch wide x 36 inch high x 5-1/2 inch deep

Special Checker Board

    These special checker boards that are 10 squares by 10 squares are used to play a game called Jeu-de-Damie.  They are made of curly maple, cherry and oak.  

Portable work Bench

    This portable work bench is ideal for those who desire to work on their kitchen tables, counter tops, and desks.  It is ideal for skateboard assembly, gun cleaning and repair, and model assembly.  It has a true perpendicular surface to work off.  There is storage for tools, parts, and other miscellaneous components.  It requires limited space since it can be stored vertically on its glides.  A handle is provided for easy carrying.  Bench is made of Oak and measures 33 incheswide, 22 inches deep and 5 inches high. 



Painted Lady

    Everyone should have a Victorian home.  This lawn ornament with stand enables one to set this in a surrounding that can be viewed from afar.  The Painted Lady is 15 inches wide x 21-1/4 inches high x 16 inches deep.  There is trap door in bottom for clean-out.


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